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Published Work

Here you can read some of my published work.


On Singing

A short memoir piece spanning from early childhood to my mid-20s about my love for singing in all its forms. This essay was published in the Ivy Hall Review.



A coming of age fiction piece about a girl named Biddy who goes hunting for the first tie with her older brother Luke. Although this is only an excerpt, feel free to read the full story where it was first published in the SCAD Connector in 2015.


Coffee, a Handshake, and Goosebumps

In memory of the Georgia Dome, my peers and I teamed up with "Team Dome," the Dome's family-like employees, to create a coffee table book to commemorate the achievements that were held in the Georgia Dome. This piece is about how the Georgia Dome first came to host the South Eastern Championship football games.

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All About Umami

Don't know what Umami is? Well you should! Because not only it is delicious, but you're probably experiencing the Umami taste profile every day. This piece was one of many I wrote for the The Magnolia Bayou Ladies Auxiliary Cooking and Entertaining Book.

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