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I was born at night in 1994. I’m convinced that’s why I seem to come alive in the dark and feel misplaced in the light. That sounded very dramatic. I’m also very dramatic. It was hard not to be growing up in the small town of Covington, Georgia, only an hour away from the bustle of Atlanta. I grew up thinking I didn’t belong only to realize that I belong to myself. Poetic? Yes, I’m that, too, sometimes. Whether it’s ironic or sincere depends on the mood. Anyway, I’m really just an awkward goofball with a passion for food and writing. I love fiction, especially Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-fi. One day I hope to come out with lots of cookbooks and YA novels. I hope when that day comes, you will pick one up and give it a read.

"My pen makes me a writer,
 my imagination makes me an artist,
and my commitment to task makes me an asset."
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